TV, Social and beyond

The Brief: Launch the new Kia SOUL in a new and fun way that captures the attention from the young target group. 

What we did: We partnered with The Dead Army Skeleton Klub to launch the first ever spot using NFT characters.

Deliverables: TV commercials, Social content and PR in the NFT universe.

LBB Online
Automotive News
NFT News Today
NFT Cable
Reel 360
and many more...

Kia and Dead Army Skeleton Klub collaborated to bring existing NFTs to life. Then, for the first time ever, we cast NFTs in a live-action commercial.

Watch the case study

Watch the commercial

The journey didn’t stop there though.

We also hid a QR code that unlocked a limited collection of DASK NFTs inspired by the features of the Kia Soul.

In the end, Kia, DASK, and viewers went on a ride they’d never been on before.